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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sad Sack

Today I am completely disillusioned with how my body works.  I didn’t lose anything this week and I am having trouble getting my head around it.  I haven’t deviated from the menu at all, even having that lentil and beetroot salad that I’m not really keen on to stay true to the cause.  The exercise regime over the past 6 days since last Wednesday has been really good, with 2 triathlons, both using 1100cal +, 2 days of 750 and 800 cal, and 2 days of 300cals, total 4350.  This is good for me with my available time and I had a migraine on Monday, which ended up being my day off exercise.  I just don’t get it and now I am beginning to worry about how I will maintain a stable weight if I can’t get rid of the last 1.2 kg when putting everything I have into it.

It took me until week 7 to work on the mind power to get into this 100%, with exercise and diet together, now things are going slower than they did in the first few weeks.  This is not good, if I could see a reason for it I would have something to work on, but I don’t know what to change to make it move apart from taking a week off work and staying in the gym all day, which is not an option.

I just feel sad sackie today.


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