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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Great Day

Hello: me in Busselton taking in the view while on the bike ride.

Well today was a great day.  The first of August and my first 5km fun run which I loved.  I was so excited about it, it was easy to get up when the alarm went off and getting to the starting point to meet the girls from work by 0730.   It was cold but fresh and there were about 400 entrants with their friends and families all busy buzzing around waiting for the start.   I wish I had taken my camera with me, it was a beautiful winters morning, but it would have been a bit cumbersome.  
I had been a bit concerned about the run because my training had resulted in an injury to my Achillies tendon, causing me to train less in the past week and become very protective of it.  But on the day I was able to run further than I have ever before.  I think I did it in 40minutes, but don't have the official time, still waiting for it to be posted.  
Our Bikes.
On our way along the coast.
Then after the official announcements it was off to breakfast then home to pack the car and off again to Busselton for another bike ride.  The weather was great today, sunny with a cool wind.  

We ended up riding the entire track along the beach plus a bit, totaling 36km.   By the end of all the activity my heart rate monitor had calculated 1034 cal consumption.  I was stoked.  It was a day of fun and achievements, not just exercise and now we are motivated to plan other activities that turn a few hours into a beautiful day.   

The flowers think it's spring.
Here are some photos taken today in Busselton.
So Beautiful
Sharing the view.

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