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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life at Ularu

Me trying to keep my camera and me dry.  
Ularu September 2010 under cloud

I am finally finding the time to post some photos on my blog, “the other blog that is”, so am really happy to be doing that.  There are so many aspects to life that make it interesting and walking around Ularu and through Katajuta is one of those special things I have loved, twice now.  

Once in really hot weather when everything was a lot dryer and now in the rain, with water and life in abundance. 

The rock is a special place for me, I absolutely love it.  I will go back again for sure.  This time the weather was so cold and cloudy, getting pictures of the famous sun rises and sun sets didn’t happen, but the colors of the rock when water fell on it in different light were amazing.
As far as my weight is concerned, it is on its way down again.  Already lost 1kg and am loving the exercise.  

I have been spending less time in the gym and more time outside, now that the weather is changing.  I am loving the beach, walking a jogging on it is so rewarding and I feel great.  I am lucky enough to live just 4min drive from it or a 20 walk and at this time of the year it feels so healthy breathing in the beautiful see air. 

More on the exercise later, I am going to step it up this week, I feel the need to get the mind set really on the path.  Up to now I have allowed myself to take a little holiday from my major commitments and routine, having had my first set of nights in the past few days.  I have been in denial about the work commitment because I am a little burnt out, and it has affected my commitment to me in many ways.  One of the coping skills I developed in the past was to curl up and do nothing, which seemed to make me feel better, but it doesn’t anymore.  I do need recovery time sometimes, which I take, but I don’t allow it to take over for long.  Now its back on track, get into the plan.

 Water running down and collecting
Magnificent example of life.

 This is at the back of the rock, can be what you make it, but I see a face...
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 So beautiful, I love walking around here, it changes at every turn.
Some of the plant life.
A world of its own.
The sun shining on the wet rock makes it look like snow.  
KataJuta under cloud.

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