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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Swimming Lesson

Today in a brand new day, or at least it is 2250 WA time at the end of today..  I am back at work since yesterday and at first I really felt the urgency that having reduced time for personal things does to one’s mind.  

Yesterday I started at 1300 so I had the morning which I would have loved to spent on my exercise,  But, I had an early overseas phone call that was booked and then had bills to pay, other phone calls to make and prepare food for the day and get ready for work.  So, Michelle’s DVD did the trick.  It made a difference to how I felt when I got to work knowing I showed up for me at home.  

It was raining yesterday and today, so no outside stuff at all.  I started this morning at 0700, so got up 10 min earlier, “only to pack my gym bag for anything”.  Then at the end of the shift stood talking to myself out loud about it I would go home first or go straight to the gym.  One of my colleges heard me and told me she was in the same mind.  That did it, I knew if I went home I wouldn’t do it, so the gym it was.  I decided when I got there to do my swim, another 1000mts, I thought I was too tired for anything else.  It was a busy time at the pool and there was only one slow lane, being used by 3 of us.  I hated it because I couldn’t go at my pace and kept loosing my breath when I swam past someone going the other way because of the waves.  

I was going to give up, but thought   NO just do something to improve it.  So, I moved into a fast lane that had one man in it who looked fairly driven on his mission and asked if he minded if I share his lane.  He said sure, I can swim around you, and he did hardly causing a ripple.  I felt as though I had stepped up in the world!  After a while when we were both taking a breather, he asked me if I would mind if he gave me some swimming tips.  He used to be a triathlon guru, but had a severe accident several years ago and is now just training to maintain his movement and flexibility.  

I agreed and after a few lesson tips and the use of some of his training equipment over a few laps, I could really see a lot of room for improvement.  Now I have a new goal, to improve my swimming technique, not just my stamina.  I have never had a formal swimming lesson in my life and now I feel like I might just learn to do it right.  Thank you to the kind fast swimmer who got so much pleasure out of sharing his with me.  

Then I went to the spar for a wind down, and by the time I got out I realised it was only 20min before I could go to the RPM class, so I got changed into my other gear (boy the clothes changing thing can many in one day sometimes).  I had my banana and a coffee and wound down watching everyone else swim, then went to RPM.  I didn’t get home until 1900 and then had dinner.  My body is really aware of the work that has been done, but I feel good.  Just turning up is the best advice ever, you never know what will happen. 

Now I’m off to sleep because I’m on call tonight and I don’t want to push my luck.


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