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Monday, August 2, 2010

Swimming training.

I went swimming tonight as I had planned.  It was really busy down there with almost all the lanes taken up with training and only one lane designated for us slow pokes.   Normally this would put me off with all sorts of "not being good enouth thoughts", but I was there so I got bold and used a lane for the trainees that was empty.  I managed to get half way through when the ropes near me were taken away for the water aerobics class.   I moved to the slow pokes lane but wasn't put off sharing it with five others by then because I was warmed up and focused on my rhythm.   

I managed to do 20 lengths of the pool with breathers in between each one, having only achieved 12 a week ago.   My ankles were happy to have a rest from running training and my arms were glad for the work out.   My lungs are improving and I can't wait until I can do several lengths without needing that breather.  I am going to be ready for the mini triathlon in November, no matter how slow I am.  Just being there and being part of it is important to me now.    


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