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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bush Walk at Wellington Dam

Map of our walk at Wellington Dam.
 This is a picture of the map of the bush walk we did today.  We started at Wellington dam kiosk, followed the yellow line until it met the blue/purple line, turned left to the green line, then turned right and followed the green line to honeymoon pool.  On our return back we just followed the green line all the way.  12 km in total with a good share of ups and
A view of our path for a moment.
downs of different grades, in really beautiful Australian bush.  I felt muscles working that I don't feel doing other things, so this walk was a new spice in the life of exercise.  

It took us 4 hours and 14 minutes and we stopped for lunch and photo shots and to take in the scenery. 
Collie Hills.
A swimming location
The bush
 The next set of photos were taken from the path along the way with the Collie hills behind us.  There is something very therapeutic walking through the bush, it was damp, cool and smelt so earthy.  By the time we made it to the Collie river the sound of the water added to the magic.   I am so glad I had this weekend off, the first in a long time.  

The ups and downs.
The river.
My friend and I felt if we can manage one big out door event once a week, we will give our selves something to look forward to and add to making life more interesting.  I once thought it would just take up too much time,  I am always saying I have so much to do, but  I am still getting everything else done, and being rewarded  surrounded by such beauty, in a place that allows all the negativity of routine life to disappear.  
Beauty around every corner.

Other humans loving it as well!
This week I have managed to exercise 4 out of the 4 days and I already have tomorrow planned.  This will be the first week I will exercise  for the entire 6 days, what a difference making a promise to myself has made.    I haven't worn my heart rate monitor all week until today,  but I was curious to know what value a bush walk would have.   946 calories.  Quite a number for a great walk. 
Me at the end of the walk
I am becoming far more content with the rhythm of it all now, only weighing myself twice a week, (still one too many) and trusting the value of the exercise I do.   I would like to know the calorie value of the swimming though.   The more I familiarize myself with the values of what I put in and what I put out, the easier it gets.  So all in all, the variety  and the nowledge is making it easier and I will muster support where ever I can.............

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