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About this Blogg.

This Blogg is about my experience with weight loss at a mature age. I have never been one to exercise regularly as an adult, mainly because I never realised its value. When I was young, my youth camouflaged my need for regular fitness training because my body was so capable of doing what ever I asked of it. Now of course, with four adult children and many years of a less active lifestyle, the major muscles in my body are week and inflexible and cause more joint pain than necessary because of the lack of structural support they give.

As a midwife I need to remain flexible especially if I continue working in the role I have been doing so for many years. Considering the Australian Government expects all Australians to work longer before retiring, keeping the body flexible and strong would seem appropriate in my situation. However, I have tried to imagine myself catching babies on mats on the floor or in small confined places like showers when I'm close to 70. Is this really to be expected? Somehow, I don't think so.

But, the idea has made me think about what condition my body will be in when I am 70. At present I am 54 and many work colleges and friends talk about their financial security when retired, but none talk about how physically able they will be to reap the benefits of their hard earned cash. If this is the time we expect to be free to do as we please, then wouldn't it be appropriate to invest something on a regular basis into the physical bank as well to get the best out of life all round.

This is how I am thinking now. I know I will not be crawling around on the floor catching babies when I am 70, there will be younger ones more willing and able to do that, nor will I be attempting to teach the young mums of the day about parenting. Times have changed so much already and trying to keep up with whats hip for the times is mind boggling. New parenting techniques and values are being revamped every 5 years or so in the present day, so there isn't a solitary generation raised any more with the consistency of tried and proven effective parenting skills. Almost everything I learnt through experience and education has been devalued once or twice since my children were born. So, my value in that area has diminished more with time than enhanced.

Now I do think about what will I be doing when I am even just a little older than I am now. I still think I'm young, so why not feel it? Turning back the hands of time is not an option, but giving my body the best chance it has to work in conjunction with my mind is the best I can do to stay young. So along came the Michelle Bridges 12WBT online program, which is a complete diet and exercise program together. It offers the opportunity to change bad habits of a lifetime and become fitter and healthier for anyone who chooses to take it on. It is not the first of its kind and it won't be the last, but it works, its a lifestyle and it suits all types.

I have taken this on with the encouragement of my second daughter and intend to use it to help me make the most out of my senior years. It will be appropriate for me to change careers or parts of it over the next 10 years, so I expect my new physical and mental energy to play a part in that.

This Blogg is my story about the first 12 weeks.