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Monday, June 14, 2010

Jenny on Routines

This is my wonderful family, dad and sisters.

Hello all,

It's been a week since I have put my thoughts in print, not that I haven't wanted to. I have had conversations going round in my head all week, but trying to find the time to get it down has alluded me.

Now I am starting to wonder how I am going to fit all the important things into my day. With shift work, extra curricular work activities such as presentations or education, relationships, social life which is not demanding, learning how to use new computers and programs, putting the time into planning and doing the exercise, putting the time into planning and preparing a new menu, reading all the wonderful information from other people's Blogs, which I love, and now keeping up with the new types of communication such as face book or twitter....... ( A generation challenged for me)......It's a little overwhelming.

This past week I have attempted to use my time wisely by getting out and trying some new exercise routines. I know I will become board with the gym, so I have been measuring distances within a 10km radius from my home and breaking areas down to 100mts, 200mts, 300mts and so on, so I can map out walking and jogging routes. I have also done this from home to the gym as well, so I can attempt riding my bike there in daylight hours. I found the route of the 5km run which will be held on the 1st August that I want to enter and walked/jogged it. It took 70min the first time and 50 the second.

I was elated by this, but I found I experienced pain in the muscles along my shins which took over 30 min to fade and my lower back has been difficult to live with ever since the last one. So now I am wondering, have I done the right thing? Have I done too much too soon? Am I just making excuses not to do it, even though I want to do it. Am I trying to do it too fast and is this a normal side effect to not having done exercise for a long time? When I go back and look at what the members of the biggest looser had to do right from the start, I do wonder how they coped with aches and pains. All these things go through my mind and I worry that it will take too long for me to see a result if I have to go slower to protect body parts, which I depend on and I might give up. After this weeks task of making that commitment, I don't want to give up once that gun has fired, I want a result that I can measure and see.

So the dance of the routine is one of my biggest concerns. I can see big changes ahead, like learning how not to get distracted from planned things by going to the movies with a friend spontaneously, or taking a surprise trip to Perth to look at Puppies I might want to take home ...... because my mate went to doggy heaven on the 29th April and things like that. They all take time which is the way it's been, so what will life be like with a new routine?


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  1. Hi Jen
    Good luck with your exercise. PS I do wish you luck with the running but that is what I find the hardest on my body these days everything else is fine. But find something else riding is you said is great fun too. Best of luck love shell PS I like the photo.x