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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jenny on Change

Hi All,

I plan to post a new picture of places I've seen in the past few years, each week. Travel didn't start for me until I was a very big girl and I haven't done a lot, but what I have done I have loved and plan to do more while I can. The most amazing trip for me was around Australia in 2007. I took a year off, leave without pay and worked for about 5 months in different states on the way. The purpose of the trip was for me to reconnect with family, as we are all split up all over Australia, so we don't get together often. I miss my sisters the most with one in Cairns and one in Melbourne, (its all about the girl talk because I miss my Dad too) and my children are also all over Australia, with one here in WA, one in France and now two in Sydney. I am glad there are two in Sydney now because it will give me good motivation to go over there more often to see them. With me being mainly single and independent if I want to see people it will be up to me to do the moving about, which I don't mind at all. Hence, last week's picture of Etratat France. I went over last year to see my son and his girlfriend (who is born and bred French). Hopefully they will be in Sydney in November, can't wait.

Anyway, that was a little detour. My reason for explaining this is because when I did my trip in 2007 I did a lot of walking and climbing up and down rocks, stairs, cannons, gorges, sandy tracks and so on to see what I could of this beautiful country. There were times I would be making my way up a steep climb and would pass an elderly couple, (20 or so years older than me) and they would be pacing themselves for the next leg or deciding this would be as far as they could go. I remember thinking I want to be able to keep going when I am there age and how good are they being there, doing that. The number of take my breath away moments I had when I climbed over the next rise or went to the end of the trail or came through the rough to see what lay ahead were numerous and magical and gave me a taste for more. If my mind is willing I want the body to keep up, so staying strong and health is a priority for me.

This is why getting my head in the right space now about the food I put into by body and the exercise I do to keep it functioning is so important to me. This cycle of life is different from those I have lived and although I could have been having more life experiences if I had been fitter then, I didn't value it like I do now. In a way youth kids us into thinking we don't really have to do much to keep ourselves fit, because things just work better.

As I said in a previous entry, I have linked loosing things I value with change, so I have been a bit hesitant to change and this new healthier lifestyle is not something I have ever practiced full time. So now I am placing a different value to it and going through my photos to post each week will be a constant reminder of the things I still want to do. I have posted my before photo in the underwear, as another reminder, because looking like this means aches and pains which stop me from getting involved. I have sent in the entry form for the fun run and some of the girls at work have to. I am really looking forward to sharing that day with them.

I bought some swimmers yesterday, so no more swimming in the gym gear!!!!!!!!!


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