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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jenny on Commitment.

The word today is COMMITMENT.

This entry has come a little later than it was supposed to. When I read Michelle's Pre-Season Task 5, "Saying it Out Loud", I thought OH! SH........! this is it, I have to commit to me and do the work. The 21st is right around the corner. This is what I have always battled with, so what did I do?

The task said, commit to me and others and voice my goals by saying them out loud to family, friends and colleagues and asked, am I a woman of my word? I have always believed I am, so why was I feeling a little anxious and why did I not do what was asked of me immediately? After a few days of thinking about it, I realised the self talk, full of doubt and disbelief set in, so I procrastinated.... Last week just seemed to become even busier than usual and I felt more tired and the weather turned bad... Funny that!

As the days went by, I realised I was doing a lot of preparation to make the necessary changes and I haven't stopped thinking about it day and night, so how was I going to make that commitment so I could keep me honest. I decided to take my before photos and post them on this site so I can compare my shape now with what it will be in 12 weeks time. I have shared this address with family and friends, so its out there now and I know someone other than me will be watching. I first thought I would do the underwear thing, but that just didn't fit at my age, so I wore my favorite genes that don't fit. I can't wear them out without wearing a very loose shirt so the rolls don't show and sitting down is just scary. I do have friends who say I don't need to loose weight and I shouldn't worry, but there is heart disease in my family with my Mum and Grandmother dying relatively young and I have become complacent and lazy. I am not fit and can't do things I should be able to do and this is my concern.

So my commitment over the next 12 weeks is

  • Lose 7kg in 12 weeks, which is 600gms per week.

  • Only eat what is on the 12WBT menu plan.

  • If I have a treat, I will do the exercise to earn it.

  • I will exercise 6 days per week and work toward fulfilling the exercise plan.

  • Enter and walk jog the 5km fun run on the 1st August and do it in public, in under 50min.

  • Enter and join the mini work marathon in November and do a personal best for me.

  • Walk all night with my mates, in the relay for life in November, supporting the cancer community.

This is a good start and it is my commitment.


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