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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Feeling really good now.

August 3rd.

I am feeling good now.  I have just gone through all my blogs from my site and entered them in this forum, now I have figured out how to put them all together and to find them..   I can't believe how I have changed over these few weeks.  I am so excited at work, it's becoming contagious.   Some of the other mature girls from work were at the fun run on Sunday and were all talking about how they felt today.  We were like excited kids comparing our achievements, with one talking about how she went home and did 3 hours of whipper snipping in her garden (large property) and another went to her music recital for her teacher's 89th Birthday.   She is learning the violin and it was her 51st Birthday today.   Everyone else who isn't part of it were all joining in with very positive things to say.   I was one of the oldest ones in the group, so I felt fabulous, knowing I am making this effort, especially when very hansom young student doctors join in with the excitement of talk about keeping healthy.   We ended up making plans to post events we are planning to do on our tea room notice board and inviting anyone wanting to join in to come along. 
I have worked there for 11 years and this is the first time, we, as a group of people who all live very different lives, have been so together and wanting to share activities.   And its all about staying healthy, I just can't believe it.   I am overwhelmed by it all.   Now I am really motivated to start the process by posting the first event.   I'm working a night duty tomorrow night, so I will work on it tomorrow and post it when I get there.   I can't wait to see the response.....I feel like I just can't stop being excited about my progress.  A weight has been lifted for me...  I feel free...

It made it easy to go to the gym from work today.   I am beginning to see shape in my shoulders.... me.... with shape....

What fun

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