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Monday, July 26, 2010

Bike Ride in Busselton

Busselton Jetty on a Sunny day.
Busselton Coast line from the Air.
Yesterday I went for a real bike ride along the coast line from the Busselton Jetty toward Dunsborough and it was fantastic.   There was a storm coming in, so by the time we loaded the bikes, packed the car for every possible event and headed off, the wind had started and the sky was changing 

We got there about 1230 and the wind was quite wild, but within a few minutes on the bikes, we were warmed up.  There is a bike/walking path from the Jetty approximately 14 km to the end, so we did the round trip.  The storm was on its way slowly, with the sky changing colour and the wind picking up, but we didn't let it stop us, we just watched its energy change.    It was invigorating watching the water change to several shades of grey/green and churn wildly smashing in on itself. 

Busselton Coast line.
We went with the wind first, which was amazing.  We got to the end then headed out onto caves along "the church and youth camps" part of the road, then ran out of path.   It was just as well, we may have kept going it was such a good ride.   
Equinox Cafe
On the way back we were riding into the wind and I had to keep changing the gears just to keep up a good steady pace.  The muscles were really working and the sweat started, but the blood was warm and fueling all the important bits, so we forged on.  My eyes were watering so much in the wind even with my glasses on, but the energy of it and the ocean just motivated us more until we got back to the car.   We loaded up the bikes and were sitting in Equinox Cafe in the sunny window when the rain reached us, having coffee and a light lunch.  It took a while before the sun was overpowered by the clouds, so we just watched people wrap them selves up trying to keep the wind out while they ran to their cars or for cover.   

What a great day.   I didn't wear my heart rate monitor and I didn't really care how much energy the ride burnt, I just loved feeling free and alive and felt so lucky to be living in a place that allows me to enjoy all the elements no matter what the weather is doing.  


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