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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jenny on Cake


This is my soul food, this type of cake.

It's a pleasure to eat and hard to resist.

For me it is comfort when times are low,

But sits on the hips, if exercise doesn't follow.

There is a great deal of psychological stuff to deal with when the weight stays the same, which mine did this week, but that's why most of us who diet have probably been doing this in cycles for years. As soon as there appears to be no "gain" with the pain, its so easy to tell ourselves what the heck I may as well have a treat. So the cycles go on. I did really well last week but have remained the same this week and am dealing with the disappointment. The 12WBT forum really does help to keep the thinking side of things in perspective and has made me look realistically at my behavior. I know I did emotional eating this week, with one piece of banana bread "thawed" in the microwave late at night x1, 2 pieces of hospital grade date cake, lamington size on night duty x1 and a fruit slice yesterday with coffee with a good friend over a talk about how life is at the moment.

I also only exercised 3 times this week, so no matter how much I want to tell myself that surely that wouldn't make such a difference, it has. I have learnt something valuable about that commitment thing. I was aware of what I was doing and why, so I will be forgiving to me and find other ways to deal with emotional stuff. Going back and reading my goals and solutions has already helped, I had forgotten there are other ways to deal with the negative stuff. My measurements have surprised me,

chest 104cm to 100................. 4cm loss

waist 94.5cm to 82................. 12cm loss

hips 102.5 cm to 97.5............... 5cm loss

R leg 61.5 to 57.5.................. 4cm loss

L leg 61 to 57..................... 4cm loss

This is great for me, it shows me what can be done and keeps it positive and makes me realise its all relative as long as I don't give up. I bought the biggest loser's cook book yesterday for some new ideas on faster lunch ideas for work, because cooking 2 meals a day for me is too time consuming. "Little Steps make a journey"....


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