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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


 There was water every where here, small creeks and collections running through the rocks.  The last time I was here the walking track  went between these rocks, but this time we had to walk over the tree to the right. 
The original walking track under water.

This creek running full of life.

The look out



This creek ran dominated the base at the bake of the rocks.
This area was so silent, just the wind and birds could be heard.

Vast plant life along the creek.

This area sat at the bottom of the valley and side walls.

Small bridges protect the vegetation and the people.

A view back from the look out.

More beauty.

This is the view of the walk from a distance. 

On the way in.

The map of the walks through Kataju

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  1. Oh what wonderful photo's. You seem to have had a fantastic time. I need to check out how to put comments on the bottom of the photos in blogger - still haven't worked that one out lol